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Re: Processed: tagging 464380

On Sunday 10 February 2008, Jérémy Bobbio wrote:
> The new code made the previous situation much worse than it was before
> 0.111 as the progress bar was never to be seen again after the GO.
> r51271 fixed this.  That was the issue I had understood from the
> submitter report.

Hmm. I never noticed that.

> I had initially overlooked the title issue.  I have now pushed r51280
> which adds restoration of the title that was set when PROGRESS START was
> called.  I hope the code now covers what needs to be done for a GO
> inside a PROGRESS operation, and I think #464380 can still be closed.

I've tested again with your latest changes (including the very last ones) 
and the issue is now fixed. I've also not seen any regressions.

Unless you have more things you're working on, I'd suggest we code-freeze 
cdebconf here for beta1. I'm really very happy that all these "not serious 
but still nasty" minor regressions have been sorted out before the release.


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