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Re: [win32-loader] Updater

On Mon, Feb 04, 2008 at 10:53:40PM +0100, Pedro wrote:
> I suggest improve DIL (Debian Installer Loader) to update Debian from 
> Windows (i.e. I cannot connect to the Internet using Debian, because I 
> don´t use ADSL/Ethernet, but wvdial and Vodafone Mobile Internet / 
> Huawei E220 USB modem).
> But I cannot install the packages without connecting to the Internet.
> And I can only connect to the Internet using Windows.

Usually, it is better to look for the real problem, and try to fix it where
it originates.

Your problem seems to be that the vendors of your hardware didn't think
of your freedom to use it with anything other than Windows.

So I suggest that you get better hardware, and take their negative attitude
into account next time you adquire new devices.

Building a mechanism that lets Windows "borrow" its internet connection to
a Debian system in another partition is a considerable effort and isn't
worth it IMHO.

Robert Millan

<GPLv2> I know my rights; I want my phone call!
<DRM> What use is a phone call… if you are unable to speak?
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