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Bug#461110: please include packages from Priority: important

Robert Millan wrote:
> Please move packages from Priority: important to tasksel so that user has the
> option to de-select them.

Why? There should be nothing in important that a user should want to
de-select, by definition.

Also, there are things in important that are necessary for d-i and
tasksel to work *at all*, including aptitude, debian-archive-keyring, and
gnupg (and even tasksel). Your base-installer patch would break d-i.

I also wouldn't be suprised if a system without important didn't boot
properly at all. It'd be missing a dhcp client, module-init-tools, netbase,
and ifupdown. And part of policy's definition of important is:

          Other packages without which the system will not run
          well or be usable must also have priority `important'.

> They could be put together with the "standard" task (as attached patch does)
> or in a separate one.

Putting them with the standard task is bad UI; the name of the standard
task is "standard" because it installs standard.

Putting it in a separate task is also bad UI; there's no sane way to
explain what important is in tasksel's UI, and it would just clutter up
the list with something that only a very few people in the know would
ever legitimately use.

I suggest that if there are things in important that you don't want to have
installed by default, you get individual packages demoted. A good starting
point would be dselect[1]..

see shy jo

[1] yeah, I know you got it downgraded from required already, I don't
    understand why they stopped at important when it actually belongs
    in extra

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