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Re: Booting Etch on a Proliant 8000 (6 CPU)

Mateo Obregon <mateo_obregon@fidic.org.co> writes:

> On Thursday 17 January 2008 10:58, Otavio Salvador wrote:
>> Mateo Obregon <mateo_obregon@fidic.org.co> writes:
>> > We did manage to get it to load a Debian Sarge Netinst CD, but this
>> > kernel only uses 1 CPU.
>> You could install the system and later update the kernel of it.
> I tried this, but the updated kernels all hand and reset the computer at about 
> the same position. I compiled a new kernel from the latest stable source, 
> including cpqarray and specifying SMP, but this also made the machine reset. 

This looks to be a kernel bug.

> What could be causing the kernel to not boot? What options should I enclude or 
> exclude in compiling a new SMP kernel from source?

Too difficult to answer without the machine specs and a deeply look on
the log.

You could try to put Mandriva kernel on it and then get the rest of
info to make it to work.

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