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Re: Netinstall: "Boot into new system" fails


> That question is read by me as
>   Teach me the art of Linux kernel development.

Not really.
> > >> Now the question is: How to boot with the card plugged in?
> I have a idea that might brings us one step further:
> What I understood from previous postings, is that debian-installer
> does boot with the card plugged in. So one should be able to get
> the PCI ID of the odd card.

The ID is 1044:a501.
[Alias "Adaptec (formerly DPT) SmartRAID V Controller (rev 02)".]

> Use the PCI ID during the search for more information about the special
> card you have bought. I guess there is a kernel boot parameter for this
> card. Booting with that extra parameter should get you a bootable computer.

I did not find any reference to boot parameters.
But anyways, the installer doesn't seem to need any: The RAID array is
detected and shown as a single disk; and I can mount the fs that's on it.

As you said in your first reply, it is very strange that the same kernel,
when copied on the disk devoted to the system ("hda": I don't try to install
the system on the RAID), doesn't boot.

Is there something different between the boot process from the installer CD
and the one from the installed kernel?

[I've also tried to install from the first CD of Debian 3.0r6. To no avail.]

> Let us, the mailinglist, known how to boot with the adaptec 2400

Currently, I must boot from the install CD...

[I'm currently copying all the data from the RAID onto another disk.  Once
that's done, I think that we'll probably buy a PCI IDE controller card to
replace the Adaptec 2400A card, unless the problem can be pinpointed in the
mean time.]


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