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Re: Netinstall: "Boot into new system" fails

>> I just discovered that the problem is cause by an Adpatec PCI extension card
>> (RAID 2400A). When I unplug it, the system boots.
>Strange ...
>AFAIK installs the netinst CD the same kernel,
>as the kernel that is used during the install.

In one of my trials, I made sure to install the same kernel as reported by 'uname' during the installation.
This would not boot.

With the RAID add-on card removed I installed the (debian) kernel 2.6.21.
Same behaviour.

>In other words: I have no explaination what causes the failed boot.
>(with other media as netinst, I would have culpritt the new kernel.)

Is there a way to know where the kernel hangs, since there is this single dot that is printed before the freeze?

>> Now the question is: How to boot with the card plugged in?
>That is question is now back on the mailinglist.

>Please keep it there ( as in "avoid private postings" )

[Easy, as I can hit "reply" now.]


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