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Re: r49295 - in trunk/packages/arch/i386/win32-loader: . debian l10n l10n/po templates

Robert Millan wrote:
> I would just have win32-loader.ini have an _optional_ parameter like
> "desktop=(gnome|kde|xfce)" that CDs can use to tell win32-loader that there's
> only this desktop choice.  Like with other options in win32-loader.ini, its
> non-presence means all are available and user can select.

That would address two of the points I raised in my original mail, but still
leaves these:

| * win32-loader running on a machine that will not be partitioned with
|   enough free disk space to install gnome, and yet still offering gnome.
| * The user chosing one of the desktops from the list, and yet tasksel
|   deciding this machine doesn't look like desktop material, and not
|   defaulting to install a desktop. So the user would have to select
|   desktop again in tasksel to have their original choice be honored.
| * Conversely, if a user choses no desktop in win32-loader, and tasksel
|   thinks the machine is desktop material, they will have to uncheck
|   the desktop task a second time in tasksel.
| * tasksel being changed to default to kde -> win32-loader will still
|   assume it defaults to gnome. (An added gotcha for derived distros.)

Robert Millan wrote earlier:
> win32-loader provides choice of desktop environment _only_ when run in
> expert mode.  This is similar to the scheme used in CDs in the sense that
> in both cases user has to get out of their way to enable a DE other than
> the default.

Seems to me that a better approach, which is closer to how the CDs handle it,
is to have win32-loader display a field that can be used to add arbitrary
parameters to the kernel command line. This could perhaps be put in the
existing customisation dialog.

see shy jo

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