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Re: r49295 - in trunk/packages/arch/i386/win32-loader: . debian l10n l10n/po templates

Robert Millan wrote:
> Author: rmh
> Date: Fri Sep 14 15:34:58 2007
> New Revision: 49295
> Log:
> Add dialog to choose desktop environment (GNOME, KDE, XFCE, None).

We've chosen not to bother the user with a choice of desktop
environments in d-i, for reasons that, while one may agree with them or
not, seem to apply just as well whether or not d-i is launched from

So, why make win32-loader do this?

BTW, the implementation is also somewhat buggy. Some failure modes
and potential issues:

* win32-loader running from a CD that does not have kde on it, and yet
  still offering kde.
* win32-loader running on a machine that will not be partitioned with 
  enough free disk space to install gnome, and yet still offering gnome.
* win32-loader being used for a derived distribution that does not have
  kde or gnome tasks (ie, debian-edu), and yet still asking which to
* The user chosing one of the desktops from the list, and yet tasksel
  deciding this machine doesn't look like desktop material, and not
  defaulting to install a desktop. So the user would have to select
  desktop again in tasksel to have their original choice be honored.
* Conversely, if a user choses no desktop in win32-loader, and tasksel
  thinks the machine is desktop material, they will have to uncheck
  the desktop task a second time in tasksel.
* tasksel being changed to default to kde -> win32-loader will still
  assume it defaults to gnome. (An added gotcha for derived distros.)

In general, if win32-loader is going to be on our CDs and thus used by
many users, care needs to be taken to not overrule standard d-i behavior
except where there's clearly a case for doing so due to the installer
being started from windows. Some other potentially problimatic divergences:

* Preseeding interface=auto, thus forcing d-i to use the first available NIC.
  Even if that's not the right one and even if it doesn't have link.
* Preseeding the domain and timezone to values taken from windows, which
  would be ok, except it sets the seen flag so this cannot be overridden in
  d-i. (Easily fixable using '?='.)

PS: If there are many cases where tasksel's existing heuristics don't
default to selecting the desktop task on installs started from
win32-loader (though this seems unlikely), we could add a preseed hint
that win32-loader could use to tell tasksel the system used to run windows.
Tasksel could factor this into its heuristics to make a better decision.

see shy jo

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