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Re: r49295 - in trunk/packages/arch/i386/win32-loader: . debian l10n l10n/po templates

Robert Millan wrote:
> When I saw that we provide desktop environment choice via alternate "CD 1"
> ISOs, I thought the fact that there isn't a single "CD 1" that supports
> multiple DEs was just a design issue rather than a conscious decision.

Seems to me that netboot installs, netinst iso, and full DVDs are easy

> win32-loader provides choice of desktop environment _only_ when run in
> expert mode.  This is similar to the scheme used in CDs in the sense that
> in both cases user has to get out of their way to enable a DE other than
> the default.

> > BTW, the implementation is also somewhat buggy. Some failure modes
> > and potential issues:
> > 
> > * win32-loader running from a CD that does not have kde on it, and yet
> >   still offering kde.
> > [...]
> > * win32-loader being used for a derived distribution that does not have
> >   kde or gnome tasks (ie, debian-edu), and yet still asking which to
> >   install.
> > [...]
> > * tasksel being changed to default to kde -> win32-loader will still
> >   assume it defaults to gnome. (An added gotcha for derived distros.)
> Ah, right.  So this should be a win32-loader.ini parameter, and behave in a
> similar way to isolinux.cfg.  I could add an option in win32-loader.ini to add
> arbitrary parameters to Linux cmdline.  Does that suit you?

I'm sure that could be a useful option. Are you looking at it as a way
for users to preseed tasksel/desktop?

> > * Preseeding interface=auto, thus forcing d-i to use the first available NIC.
> >   Even if that's not the right one and even if it doesn't have link.
> IIRC, the default is not the first available NIC but the first NIC that has
> a link.  Would this justify lowering priority?

You're right, it tries to do link detection. I tend to forget about that
since link detection often fails. We've discussed this before and opted
not to rely on link alone w/o user confirmation.

> > PS: If there are many cases where tasksel's existing heuristics don't
> > default to selecting the desktop task on installs started from
> > win32-loader (though this seems unlikely), we could add a preseed hint
> > that win32-loader could use to tell tasksel the system used to run windows.
> > Tasksel could factor this into its heuristics to make a better decision.
> Good idea.  How about "bootloader=win32-loader" ?

It'd need to be tasksel/bootloader or some such. But I'd rather first
hear of some cases where tasksel doesn't make a good guess without it.
The only time it seems likely to not default to installing the desktop
is if win32-loader is used to start d-i from a rackmount machine. In
that situation, there's probably not a good default and defaulting the
task to unselected, which is currently does, is probably the sanest
option even.

see shy jo

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