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Bug#442856: tzsetup-udeb: tzsetup in installer has no UTC option

Quoting Michael Stone (mstone@debian.org):
> On Tue, Sep 18, 2007 at 01:37:10PM -0300, Otavio Salvador wrote:
>> While I agree with you Michael I also believe that majority of users
>> won't need this and who does is experienced enough to change the
>> system setting after the installation finishes.
> I can't believe that debian is turning into a system where you *have to* 
> reconfigure your time zone after installation because offering too much 
> choice is confusing. 
> Mike Stone

Up to now, the answer you got is that most of us don't feel an urgent
need to work on this issue.

Some (Joey) indicated their possible intent to work on an expert
option to allow for choosing UTC as "timezone". It is their choice to
do it or not and if they (particularly Joey) do so, they won't do
something else that could be a bigger benefit for our users.

Anyway, neither I nor Otavio nor anybody else is responsible for their
time so if they (again, probably Joey) feel like spending it on this
issue, that will be fine by everybody.

*This* is how Debian works.Debian is turning into a system
which....people who contribute to Debian want it to turn into. No
less, no more.

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