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Bug#442939: (forw) Re: Bug#442939: installation-reports: Fails detect asus P5K SE sata 2 and ide

----- Forwarded message from panthere noire <bugreport@panthere-noire.com> -----

Subject: Re: Bug#442939: installation-reports: Fails detect  asus P5K SE
	sata 2 and ide
From: panthere noire <bugreport@panthere-noire.com>
Reply-To: bugreport@panthere-noire.com
To: Christian Perrier <bubulle@debian.org>
Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2007 14:04:34 +0200
X-Mailer: Evolution 2.10.2 
X-CRM114-Status: Good  ( pR: 999.99  )

hank you for your answer.
To excuse my English because I am Swiss: S 
And my source language is French language source is quoted low.

I cannot use the manager of bug which is not clear. And as I have to
consider that that prevents the total installation of Debian I have semi
the levels highest.
If I am not with the good address to address to me has you, I simply
took that provided by the manager of bug.

Explanation of the problem.
I have to test all the CD bootable images.
Not only that which was provided to you including that of the
Net-install (the format calling card 40 Mg and other A approximately 170
Mg AND dvd also) 
Currently it is that the chart networks avoids the Net-install, on the
other dvd- is (no-recognized. ?)

On other Cd etch and testing. The controller sata AND controller IDE his
(no-recognized ?) step. 
The problem is that I thus do not have access to the reader of dvd. I
can gift nothing make neither by the networks nor by the reader of DVD!
======================================== original

Bonjours merci pour votre réponse.
Excuser mon anglais car je suis suisse :s 
Et ma langue d'origine est le français langue d'origine est citée plus

Je ne sais pas utiliser le gestionnaire de bug qui n'est pas claire. Et
comme j'ai considérer que cela emperchait l'installation total de Debian
j'ai mi le niveaux le plus haut.
Si je ne suis pas a la bonne adresse pour m'adresser a vous , j'ai
simplement pris celle fourni par le gestionnaire de bug.

Explication du problème.

J'ai tester toute les images de CD bootable.
Pas seulement celle qui vous a été fournie y compris celle de la
net-install (le format carte de visite 40 mg et le l'autre a environ 170
mg ET Les dvd également) 
Actuellement c'est que la carte réseaux pare la net-install, par contre
le dvd- rom est reconnu.
Sur les autres cd etch et testing. Le contrôleur sata ET le contrôleur
IDE ne son pas reconnus. Le problème est que j'ai donc pas accès aux
lecteur de dvd. Je ne peux don rien faire ni par le réseaux ni par le
lecteur de DVD!

Le mardi 18 septembre 2007 à 07:04 +0200, Christian Perrier a écrit :

> Quoting panthere noire (bugreport@panthere-noire.com):
> > Package: installation-reports
> > Severity: critical
> > Justification: breaks the whole system
> Please don't overflate bug severities.
> Also, but that's personal advice, anonymous bug reports are not
> exactly the most welcomed, particularly when coupled with overflated
> severities..:-)
> > 
> > 
> > 
> > -- Package-specific info:
> > 
> > Boot method: CD
> > Image version:
> > http://cdimage.debian.org/cdimage/weekly-builds/i386/iso-cd/debian-testing-i386-CD-1.iso 8-May-2007 12:08  648M
> Please don't use these images, we are not currently making weekly builds
> of the installer DVD and CD. The image you tried was built last may, and is
> actually older than the released images for Debian 4.0.
> If you want to install testing, please use a daily built netinst or
> other daily built image from http://www.debian.org/devel/debian-installer.
> Otherwise, if you want to install etch, please use Etch official CD's.
> DI team: strange that, in two days, we had such similar reports using
> those obsolete "weekly builds".

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