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Bug#442856: tzsetup-udeb: tzsetup in installer has no UTC option

Quoting Michael Stone (mstone@debian.org):

> Avoiding time zone math is another excellent reason for global 
> organizations to simply use UTC.

You'll do another kind of maths...just at different moments.

What if a power shutdown is locally planned in the place the server is
hosted-->you'll do reverse math to decide when you plan the shutdown
in the server's crontab.

Same actions if you plan "night" stop/start on services for a file
server that always has to be up at the moment the local people are

And I bet we can find dozens of such examples where not using the
local time is pretty much as bad as using the same time everywhere.

Apparently, some in the team could decide that implementing some
support for setting the machine to UTC is worth the effort and added
complexity to the code instead of simply letting the people who have
such (imho weird) idea simply run "dpkg-reconfigure tzdata" after the

That's fine by me....as long as this option is left out of the
*default* installs...and as long as only "UTC" is offered as
alternative (of course, that *will* be confusing with the option of
setting the HW system clock to UTC or not (which is also an expert
install option).

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