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Re: General problem with setting time

wojtekz@comp.waw.pl writes:

>> Looks like you've installed Debian without the Windows 2000 disk.
> Not really. I've installed with the Windows 2000 disk, but Debian
> can't recognize it correctly because of RAID (stripe). It shows errors,
> like this:
> Sep  6 16:49:00 titanium kernel: hde: rw=0, want=240187591, limit=120103200
> Sep  6 16:49:00 titanium kernel: attempt to access beyond end of device

humm interesting. That explains a lot.

>> But anyway, to change Debian to use non-UTC time you can edit
>> /etc/default/rcS and change UTC to 'no'.
>> Hope this helps.
> It helped, thanks.


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