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Re: General problem with setting time

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From: Otavio Salvador <otavio@debian.org>
Date: Tuesday, September 11, 2007 1:03 pm
Subject: Re: General problem with setting time
> wojtekz@comp.waw.pl writes:
> > Hi developers,
> >
> > I have PC based on matherboard 8PE667 Ultra with both RAID (Windows
> > 2000) and regular (Debian) disks. I switch between these by 
> changing the
> > BIOS settings. I have a big problem with time on this mashine. If 
> I set
> > correct time on Windows, Debian assumes that it is UTC time and 
> change> local time according to my local timezone (currently CEST), 
> so in Debian
> > I have the clock with 2 hours later. When I set the correct time in
> > Debian, Windows time is wrong, because the BIOS time has been 
> changed> too. It all is very confusing :-( Help, please!
> Looks like you've installed Debian without the Windows 2000 disk.

Not really. I've installed with the Windows 2000 disk, but Debian
can't recognize it correctly because of RAID (stripe). It shows errors,
like this:

Sep  6 16:49:00 titanium kernel: hde: rw=0, want=240187591, limit=120103200
Sep  6 16:49:00 titanium kernel: attempt to access beyond end of device

> But anyway, to change Debian to use non-UTC time you can edit
> /etc/default/rcS and change UTC to 'no'.
> Hope this helps.

It helped, thanks.


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