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Re: General problem with setting time

wojtekz@comp.waw.pl writes:

> Hi developers,
> I have PC based on matherboard 8PE667 Ultra with both RAID (Windows
> 2000) and regular (Debian) disks. I switch between these by changing the
> BIOS settings. I have a big problem with time on this mashine. If I set
> correct time on Windows, Debian assumes that it is UTC time and change
> local time according to my local timezone (currently CEST), so in Debian
> I have the clock with 2 hours later. When I set the correct time in
> Debian, Windows time is wrong, because the BIOS time has been changed
> too. It all is very confusing :-( Help, please!

Looks like you've installed Debian without the Windows 2000 disk. But
anyway, to change Debian to use non-UTC time you can edit
/etc/default/rcS and change UTC to 'no'.

Hope this helps.

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