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Re: Debian (and Ubuntu) not installing. No CDRom.

On Sat, Sep 08, 2007 at 08:21:49PM +0200, Richard Riley wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> I have a request for some urgent help.
> I took delivery of a new machine today and have lost my old one. I have my
> debian data backed up.
> The problem is that new machine uses the P5K SE Mobo. I have seen a few
> abandoned threads but don't know if a solution was found. Both the lenny and
> the etch installers run but fail at the point they are trying to detect the
> CDRom.

Which Linux version (check uname -r) did the lenny installer you tried use?
Did you try the daily builds?

> The controller is a SATA (I think) Marvell 88SE6111.
> The DVD itself is an OPTIAC DVD RW AD-5170A
> It all runs fine under basic XP so I would tend to doubt a HW issue.
> The only BIOS settings which seem relevant is the SATA mode which can be set
> to Enhanced or Compatible. The install fails with both options.
> Can anyone please help me get Debian installed here, it is really urgent and
> I am kicking myself for not having first checked compatibility.

If you need a quick solution, you can use the netboot images (either through
mini.iso or http://goodbye-microsoft.com/ from your running XP).

Robert Millan

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