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Debian (and Ubuntu) not installing. No CDRom.

Hi Folks,

I have a request for some urgent help.

I took delivery of a new machine today and have lost my old one. I have my debian data backed up.

The problem is that new machine uses the P5K SE Mobo. I have seen a few abandoned threads but don't know if a solution was found. Both the lenny and the etch installers run but fail at the point they are trying to detect the CDRom.

The controller is a SATA (I think) Marvell 88SE6111.

The DVD itself is an OPTIAC DVD RW AD-5170A

It all runs fine under basic XP so I would tend to doubt a HW issue.

The only BIOS settings which seem relevant is the SATA mode which can be set to Enhanced or Compatible. The install fails with both options.

Can anyone please help me get Debian installed here, it is really urgent and I am kicking myself for not having first checked compatibility.



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