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Bug#440446: debian-installer: daily net gtk install frozen when applying partition changes.

Charles Plessy wrote:
> What happens is that instead of starting to format, d-i blinks and
> transiently show the console. I could see the word "killed" (maybe in
> all caps ?) printed somewhere, but strangely I do not find it on the
> logs. After this, the http log server has to be restarted before
> triggering the second half of the bug, as it seems to be killed as well.

Sep  2 09:56:29 partman:   No matching physical volumes found
Sep  2 09:56:29 partman:   Reading all physical volumes.  This may take a while...
Sep  2 09:56:29 partman:   No volume groups found
Sep  2 09:57:25 init: Process '/sbin/debian-installer' (pid 1094) exited.  Scheduling it for restart.

The most common reason for d-i to exit like that would be if it ran out of
memory. (A crash is also a possibility.) How much ram does the machine have,
and how large is the largest partition you were creating? What filesystem?

see shy jo

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