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Bug#440446: debian-installer: daily net gtk install frozen when applying partition changes.

> Would be nice if you can run d-i on expert mode and after it loads the
> modules from network you use the "Save logs" option and use the web
> option. So when it freeze, you can see if you can grab syslog using
> http for it.

Hi, I reproduced the bug this morning.

I think that it happens when partitions are modified. Once, to go
faster, I only selected already existing patitions, and d-i proceeded to
the next step without problem. In the attempt whose logs I send you, I
think I triggered the bug by splitting one unused patition.

What happens is that instead of starting to format, d-i blinks and
transiently show the console. I could see the word "killed" (maybe in
all caps ?) printed somewhere, but strangely I do not find it on the
logs. After this, the http log server has to be restarted before
triggering the second half of the bug, as it seems to be killed as well.

When re-starting the partition manager, d-i hangs (oviously from the
partman logs, it loops). Had I stayed in non-expert mode, d-i would have
gone from step1 to step2 of the bug without giving me an opportunity to
restart the log server. This is why in my initial report, I had the
impression that it hangs after trying to apply the changes to the
partition. In fact, it restarts, and then loops.

Have a nice day,

Charles Plessy
Wako, Saitama, Japan

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