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The d-i blocks on new hardware


(sorry for my english)

I can't install Etch on my new hardware :

- MB : Asus CrossHair (NVIDIA™ nForce 590 SLI) 
- CPU : AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ 
- CG : Asus EN7600GS SILENT/HTD 256 Mo PCI-E 
- RAM : Corsair Twin2X 2 x 1024 Mo DDRII PC6400 
- DD : 2 x Samsung Spinpoint T166 SATA - 500 Go - 16 Mo 
- DVDR : 2 x Samsung SH-S183L OEM SATA 

I tested several methods (CDs, USB, floppy, mini.iso, ...) and the
installation always blocks at the same place. That blocks after the
selection of tasks in tasksel. I tested several tasks and nothings,
always the same !! The .debs files are downloaded and the d-i bloks,
the .debs files aren't installed. There is nothing in the log, the last
line is the download of the last needed .deb file.

Any idéas ?



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