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Re: Debian Etch Netinstall with a kernel that supports a 9650SE 3-ware Raid Controller

Thomas Glanzmann <thomas@glanzmann.de> writes:

> Hello Otavio,
>> So go and grab the kernel .deb and install in your stable system.
> you don't get it, do you? I want an _installer_ for Debian etch that
> supports a 3-ware 9650SE RAID controller. This one system is installed.
> It is finished. But that will not be the last machine with a 3-ware
> 9650SE RAID controller I am going to install in the future. But as it
> seems using the debian installer isn't an option. It is totaly useless.
> I guess I just have to use FAI. What I don't get is that yesterday Etch
> 4.0r1 was released and the kernel the installer uses is still 2.6.18.

Debian do not change versions between point releases so is natural to
have 2.6.18 just with critical issues released together with other
updated to r1.

We will have an updated kernel for Etch probably near november, no
promises here, but in meanwhile you have the following options:

 - use daily installer and set it to install etch instead (expert
 - hack d-i and make a customized image for your personal use;

I hope I have helped you.


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