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Re: Debian Etch Netinstall with a kernel that supports a 9650SE 3-ware Raid Controller

Op 14-08-2007 om 08:22 schreef Thomas Glanzmann:
> Hello,
> I would love to use the Debian Etch installer but it does not support my
> 3-ware raid controller 9650SE. Support for this controller was added
> late in October 2006 in a 2.6.19 release candidate. The Debian Etch
> installer uses 2.6.18. Yesterday I used a selfbuild life cd and called
> debootstrap and played installer by hand but there must be a way to get
> a Debian Etch installer with a more recent kernel than 2.6.19.

At http://www.nl.debian.org/devel/debian-installer/
is this text:

  If you'd like something newer to help us test a future release of the
  installer, or because of hardware problems or other issues, try one of
  these daily built images which contain the latest available version of
  installer components.

As far as I known contain the daily built images Linux kernel 2.6.21

Geert Stappers

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