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Re: Debian Lenny 64bit and clock issue

Which daily build should I take for an AMD64 netinstall?
This part seems to be missing or not build daily...


At 23:23 09.08.2007, you wrote:
Op 08-08-2007 om 17:47 schreef Bart Hendriks:
> At 13:34 08.08.2007, Christian Perrier wrote:
> >
> >We recently found a bug in clock-setup, more particularly when the
> >installer has to set the clock *earlier* than it was before running
> >the installer.
> >
> >You might want to test a daily build as of tomorrow in order to check
> >whether the problem you experience is that one.
> OK, I'll try and give feedback as soon as I can.

Please do.    ( developers don't have all kinds of hardware )

Geert Stappers

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