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Re: Regarding: Bug 430023: please add gnu-fdisk-udeb and gnu-cfdisk-udeb

Frans Pop <elendil@planet.nl> writes:

> On Friday 13 July 2007 21:38, Geert Stappers wrote:
>> The only "risk" I see, is the udeb Package file be coming fat. D-I won't
>> fetch udebs it doesn't need, so no harm, no conflicts, no problems. 
> Apparently you are having problems understanding my arguments. Please read 
> my earlier mails again. Things are NOT that simple when it comes to 
> udebs.

I know about the possible problems you've in mind but I don't we ought
deal this way with this situation.

I'm sure Robert hadn't the intention to hurt d-i team neither Debian
itself and he just thought that it would be useful.

The udebs being priority optional won't be fetch on CD and writing a
script that handles the udeb debian-cd task better isn't too difficult
to justify this mess.

>> Could people be allowed to do smart things with udebs they choose?
> Smart things have always been allowed. But whether they really are smart 
> things is a decision of the D-I _team_ and not individuals, although 
> Joey, Colin and I probably have a bit more of a say than most others.
> The only thing I'm asking is that ideas new udebs are discussed *before* 
> they are requested.

We all know that you, Joey and Colin are very active inside of d-i but
you call we as a _team_ and then would be nice if you stop to put
every decision in those three hands.

And yes. We all do mistakes. We'll do wrong things and fixing them
won't hurt. We're a team and can help each other on it, no?

About the udebs, I agree that would be better to have a message on
Debian Boot mailing list about them,  before asking for them to be
build but I also think that noone need to know about that. We ought
write it on Developers Reference as we have NMU procedures and others.

And this is my personal opinion and my last message on this messy...

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