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Bug#430023: please add gnu-fdisk-udeb and gnu-cfdisk-udeb

Hello Julien,

I was quite surprised to see the two new udebs from your source package 
gnu-fdisk appear. Mainly because there has not been any discussion by 
Robert about adding them with the rest of the D-I team and the D-I 
release managers in particular. As we do always try to limit the size of 
the installer, having udebs for which we do not have an actual use-case 
is not very desirable.

Of course, this is not really your problem, but more a problem within the 
D-I team. For now however, it does mean that your package is blocked from 
migrating to testing [1] until we have discussed the need for the udebs 
in the team.

It's up to you if you'd prefer to remove the udebs again for now, but my 
suggestion would be to wait for the result of the discussion on the 
debian-boot list. As far as I'm concerned it is up to Robert to initiate 
that discussion by explaining his reasons for requesting them.

Frans Pop
(former, but still acting D-I Release Manager)

[1] Note that _all_ packages that have udebs are blocked from migrating 
automatically. This is not really something special for your package. But 
it will require an OK from the D-I release manager before the package 
will be allowed to migrate.

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