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Re: Bug#430023: please add gnu-fdisk-udeb and gnu-cfdisk-udeb

On Friday 13 July 2007 09:54, Robert Millan wrote:
> I'd like to request that the gnu-fdisk and gnu-cfdisk packages be added
> to^W^Wkept in the D-I section of the Debian archive.  There is a small
> use case in which this is useful:
>   - You start an install using GPT.
>   - You manually edit the partition table in one of your disks with
> fdisk because you're more confortable with that interface than with
> partman or parted.
>   - Turns out it won't work without GPT support: apt-install gnu-fdisk
>   gives you a libparted-based fdisk which does.

OK, so basically the only reason is that the regular fdisk and cfdisk do 
not support GPT partition tables?

In that case, I think we should _not_ add these udebs, for the following 
- we already have parted-udeb, which I expect _does_ support GPT
- the new udebs conflict with the fdisk/cfdisk udebs, but udpkg does not
  support Conflicts: (design decision)
- the gnu-cfdisk udeb depends on ncurses, which is not acceptable

Conclusion is that there is no real benefit in having these udebs, and a 
quite a few issues/disadvantages with/of having them.

I'd appreciate if you'd request the removal of the udebs yourself.


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