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Notes from the "D-I future" BOF meeting at Debconf

> > If OK, I can send my rough notes to the list.
> I'd find this useful.

Here they are:

purpose: get more ppl involved

dhcp 3: get something maybe stuff from gentoo

xen support. Install xen with d-i. Different kernels?

guido trotter wants to work on xen support

pere: make g-i configurable
      improve the user interface

work on issues with input handling

desêrately new cdebconf plugin

automatic partition support for mor ethan 1 volume, more than 1 disk

partitioner with the GTK frontend
sit down, think about partitioner flows
then try coding
Coling strongly recommends against using gparted after experience in Ubuntu

cdebconf become the standard debconf

manoj: selinux better integrated. Optionnally install a machine with selinux by default
SELINUX=1 to the kernel command line by default: does not
Have the SELinux policy installed earlier

things about live installer

setting the clock: ntpdate, rdate

integrate user-setup to LDAP
- ask ldap server
- root dn
- how to interact
how to configure PAM? Would be nice-have also
- edit common-* in /etc/pam.d, all being conffiles

djpig: add LVM and crypto support to rescue

splashy|usplash in desktop task


using git dor d-i develpt
-concern for translations
-maybe not enough manppower to do the merge tasks

monthly IRC meeting

Spring session Extremadura 2008: have a goal
-non free firmware

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