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Re: Enabling 'quiet' kernel option for D-I images

Package: kernel-wedge
Severity: wishlist

Op 30-06-2007 om 08:02 schreef Christian Perrier:
> > If we think that it's too long without giving information to the user,
> > we can add some progress status during the init scripts and then
> > provide some more information to him/her to avoid this.
> Having something like "Starting Debian installation program..." at the very
> beginning of the init script would maybe help, yes.

AFAIK has that be done in the kernel-wedge package.

I hope that the message prevents users seeing a black screen for
some undefined time.

My proposal for the message is:

Running kernel init scripts for the installation program...

That has two improvement: 
- it says what is really going on
- it doesn't need rebranding

Geert Stappers
Who dislikes the idea of
changing "many strange text lines" into a "black screen"

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