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Enabling 'quiet' kernel option for D-I images

I've just done a little experiment booting the installer with the 'quiet' 
kernel option, and for the netboot mini.iso - instead of the usual 
endless stream of semi-useful console messages - this results in exactly 
four messages being displayed before the first dialog is shown:
   Loading vmlinuz.....
   Loading the initrd.gz.........
   <clear screen>
   Uncompressing Linux... Ok, booting the kernel.
   Starting system log daemon: syslogd, klogd.

I'd like to propose to add that option by default for i386/amd64 for all 
boot methods _except_ for expert mode. That way people can still check 
the console for errors and such if the installer fails to boot by booting 
in expert mode. This would of course need to be documented; at least in 
one of the the syslinux help screens.

For other arches, I'd say it's up to the porters whether they think this 
option should be added or not. Probably depending on how common boot 
issues are and how easy/difficult it is to set/change boot parameters.


P.S. It's safe to try this at home; just boot with 'install quiet'.

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