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Re: Fake RAID (dmraid) support - review of templates

Thanks for the review!

On Friday 29 June 2007 18:21, Christian Perrier wrote: 
> I'd shorten it to:
> Template: grub-installer/fakeraid
> Type: boolean
> Default: true
> Description: Install the GRUB boot loader to the fake RAID disk?
>  Installation of GRUB on a fake (ata) RAID disk is experimental and is
>  always done onto the Master Boot Record of the fake RAID disk.
>  .
>  The GRUB root device is: ${GRUBROOT}.

Agreed. Now that I've added the template in partman-dmraid the rest is 
redundant. Added some additional info about current support.

> Template: grub-installer/fakeraid-error
> Type: error
> Description: Unable to configure GRUB
>  An error occurred during the setup of GRUB for the fake RAID disk.
>  .
>  The installation of GRUB is aborted.


> We already have a few occurrences of "<foo> is aborted" so that makes
> sense. We're not completely consistent here as we also use "has been
> aborted" and even a few "will be aborted". I think the simpler the
> better and we should probably rephrase occurrences of "will be" and
> "has been".

Agreed. I've used "will be" here.

> I personnally prefer "for the fake RAID disk" instead of "for *your*
> fake RAID disk". Cosmetic change, though.

Disagree. "your" is used in other grub-installer templates too; it's a lot 
more natural.

> _Description: Continue with partitioning?
>  The support for fake RAID disks (using dmraid) in the installer is
>  experimental. You should make sure that you have a backup of any
>  data on your system that you do not want to lose.
>  .
>  There is currently no real support for fake RAID devices in either
>  the partitioner or the boot loaders. The installer works this around,
>  but it means that the installation is not completely straightforward
>  and that there are some important limitations.
>  .
>  More detailed information about fake RAID support and how to use it,
>  especially during partitioning and boot loader installation, can be
>  found at: http://wiki.debian.org/DebianInstaller/FakeRaid.
>  .
>  Please read that page carefully before proceding.
> I suggest removing the exclamation mark. The warning is proeminent
> enough.

I have left the first one, but removed the second.

> Anyway, this last template should disappear, right? Or do you think
> we'll keep it?

Eventually, yes.

> I have a doubt for "works around this" or "works this around"....:-)

The first is correct.

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