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Re: complex partitioning preseeding

Op 07-06-2007 om 14:48 schreef Matthew Johnson:
> On Wed May 23 16:58, Matthew Johnson wrote:
> > I have written a short script illustrating how it might work
> > (http://mjj29.matthew.ath.cx/partition) which reads a file of that name
> > and prints the commands that would be needed to do the setup.
> > 
> > I'd like comments on this approach, I'm happy to write at least a basic
> > version of this, although I may need some help with all the debconf
> > magic.
> > 
> After discussing this with fjp on IRC I have an improved version which I
> have been testing in the installer in qemu.

What I know from qemu, is that it can handle one single disk image.
Please tell more about your qemu setup. ( I think the 'qemu-img'
and the 'qemu' commands will do )

> script: http://mjj29.matthew.ath.cx/partition
> config: http://mjj29.matthew.ath.cx/custom-partition.txt
> I also have it packaged as a udeb with the script as the postinst, which
> preempts partman in the menu.

Is the source of the udeb also available?

> I've changed it so that it just reads the script in order, allowing the
> most flexible configuration possible.
> The things which I still need help on are:
>    - when installing things with anna-install in the script it says
>    "queueing for later"; but when I run anna-install from a shell it
>    installs right away. Should I depend on everything which could
>    possibly be needed (will this affect how it appears in the menu); or
>    should I install the udebs as I need them, so that you don't
>    download/install udebs you don't need?

My guess would be playing with the Menu-item number in the udeb.

>    - I'm trying to test the partman dialog, but I'm finding it hard to
>    test. What I want to do is . /lib/partman/definitions.sh and then be
>    able to run open_dialog .... to test them. When I do this it prints
>    execv: Not found (or similar) and then exits my shell...
>    - Presumably there is a function to turn /dev/hda into
>    /dev/ide/......../disc?
>    - Are there udebs for creating dos/ntfs filesystems?
> Thanks,
> Matt

Geert Stappers

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