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Re: complex partitioning preseeding

On Wed May 23 16:58, Matthew Johnson wrote:
> I have written a short script illustrating how it might work
> (http://mjj29.matthew.ath.cx/partition) which reads a file of that name
> and prints the commands that would be needed to do the setup.
> I'd like comments on this approach, I'm happy to write at least a basic
> version of this, although I may need some help with all the debconf
> magic.

After discussing this with fjp on IRC I have an improved version which I
have been testing in the installer in qemu.

script: http://mjj29.matthew.ath.cx/partition
config: http://mjj29.matthew.ath.cx/custom-partition.txt

I also have it packaged as a udeb with the script as the postinst, which
preempts partman in the menu.

I've changed it so that it just reads the script in order, allowing the
most flexible configuration possible.

The things which I still need help on are:

   - when installing things with anna-install in the script it says
   "queueing for later"; but when I run anna-install from a shell it
   installs right away. Should I depend on everything which could
   possibly be needed (will this affect how it appears in the menu); or
   should I install the udebs as I need them, so that you don't
   download/install udebs you don't need?

   - I'm trying to test the partman dialog, but I'm finding it hard to
   test. What I want to do is . /lib/partman/definitions.sh and then be
   able to run open_dialog .... to test them. When I do this it prints
   execv: Not found (or similar) and then exits my shell...

   - Presumably there is a function to turn /dev/hda into

   - Are there udebs for creating dos/ntfs filesystems?



Matthew Johnson

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