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Re: rtc module hangs system - prevents new installation of Etch from fully booting

On Wednesday 23 May 2007 14:27, nigeltamplin@f2s.com wrote:
> Probably you are right and this is fixed in a later kernel, there are
> certainly lots of references to rtc in the kernel changelogs, however
> me upgrading my kernel does not help someone else installing Debian 4.0
> on a system like mine.

I never said it was fixed in a later kernel. I only said to check if it 
was fixed in a later kernel before filing a bug report upstream.

If it _is_ fixed in a later kernel, we may be able to work with you to 
isolate the patch and backport that to current kernels, but that is up to 
the kernel team. However, IMO this issue looks so minor (i.e. affects so 
few users) that it is unlikely to be fixed in Etch because of the risk of 
regressions when introducing any patch.

> How do you suggest we improve Debian 4.0 so it boots ok on systems like
> mine?

By following the route I suggested. Debian cannot fix this bug until the 
upstream developers have isolated it and provide a patch and may decide 
even then that it won't fix it.
This means that you will probably have to work around it. The upstream 
kernel developers are best able to help you find the best workaround. 
Possibly some boot parameter can be used.

> My thoughts were:
>   Describe this problem in the Errata ; or

No, as this only affects an extremely small subclass of hardware we cannot 
even properly describe. Your report is the first I've seen for this 
issue. There are more common issues that are also not listed.

_If_ the issue can be defined better and a decent workaround is available, 
we can reconsider this.

>   Blacklist the rtc module in the udev package ; or

No, as it works for almost all systems.

>   Fix / remove the rtc module in the linux-image-2.6.18-4-486 package

No, same reason.


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