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Bug#418590: main-menu: Segfault during automatic install on AMD64

On 5/19/07, Frans Pop <elendil@planet.nl> wrote:
There was someone else who reported the same issue on IRC, but if we
cannot reproduce it, we will need you (or someone else) who can to debug

'Unfortunately' I can't reproduce it either with a more recent CD image.

To try to trace this I would suggest the following:
- boot with 'install url=http://<full-url-to-preseed-file>'
- at the first dialog, switch to VT2
- edit /var/lib/dpkg/info/network-preseed.postinst and add a 'set -x'
- continue the installation untill the problem occurs
- find some way to get the syslog off the system

The last may be tricky. You could try booting with BOOT_DEBUG=3 and
editing /etc/inittab so the debian-installer program does not
automatically respawn.
If you add modules=openssh-client-udeb at the boot prompt, you will be
able to run scp from a shell.


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