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Re: Problem booting Debian/NSLU2 after flashing

* Martin Weinberg <martin.weinberg@comcast.net> [2007-05-20 11:42]:
> > Yes, the installer needs DNS so it'll be able to find a mirror.
> Well, that makes sense eventually, but would the absense of the DNS
> hang the boot early on?

Yes.  I know that's not obvious but it's because of the way
debian-installer currently works.  We need to get the network up
before we can start SSH, and getting the network up in d-i currently
means configuring *everything*, i.e. also DNS.  When something is not
configured that's needed, d-i will prompt the user to add this
information - but because this is done before SSH is up, the user
doesn't see it and it appears as if the machine would simply hang.
Martin Michlmayr

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