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Re: Debian Wiki, Update of "DebianInstaller/Today"

On Saturday 19 May 2007 14:33, Geert Stappers wrote:
> It is probably out of convience of moving a "current issue"
> to the "past issue" section, without updating the date.
> But that is wrong, at least lazy.

No, it is not wrong. The overview of past issues is historic and really 
only for informational purposes. The page is about _daily_ builds, which 
means that the only thing users should normally be interested in is if an 
issue is valid for _today_'s images or not.

Thus, if an issue is no longer listed in the "current" list, they know it 
should be safe to download a new image.

If they have an old image, it is more important when the issue was first 
reported than when it was solved because that will give them some 
indication if the image was affected or not. After all, they will 
probably not be looking at the page at all if they are not experiencing 
the issue.

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