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Debian Wiki, Update of "DebianInstaller/Today"


The web page at
assumes insider information about the date of past issues.

It is probably out of convience of moving a "current issue"
to the "past issue" section, without updating the date.
But that is wrong, at least lazy.

- May 19th is a problem reported.
- On May 20th does non-hardcore-d-i-user a download of d-i
- May 21th is the problem fixed and _moved_ ( not updated ) to "past issues"
- May 22th has the non-hardcore-d-i-user time to try his fresh download,
but she encounters the May 19th problem. And "Today" states that the
issue was fixed before the non-hardcore-d-i-user did the download.
She had no reason to visit "Today" before encountering the issue.

So I propose this change on http://wiki.debian.org/DebianInstaller/Today :

   * [17 Oct 2006] CD-ROM support on sparc32 (esp) broken in kernel
  === Past ===
+ ## Use the 'close date'.  (not the 'open date' )
   * [26 Feb 2007] Installations will fail due to a missing archive signing key. 
   * [17 Feb 2007] CD/DVD-based installations fail in the 'Install the base system' step with failure to check archive signature. Workaround: delete {{{/usr/bin/gpgv}}} and retry.
   * [26 Nov 2006] arm/ixp4xx (NSLU2): install fails due to [http://lists.debian.org/debian-boot/2006/11/msg01207.html dpkg database corruption]

Geert Stappers

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