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Bug#388290: more analysis of recommends

Joey Hess wrote:
> gnome-desktop:
>   Well, this is entirely too much cruft for me to try to analize, but 
>   --without-recommands uses 1698MB and --with-recommands uses 2047MB.
>   Can the recommends possibly be worth a 17% size increase for the desktop
>   install?

It seems like a lot of that is Mono stuff. We could ask the GNOME
maintainers to remove Mono-depending software from Recommends.

> web-server:
>   debconf-utils
>   file
>   libcompress-zlib-perl
>   libfont-afm-perl
>   libhtml-format-perl
>   libmailtools-perl
>   libtimedate-perl
>   perl-doc

IMHO, we should remove libapache2-mod-perl2 from the web-server task. If
you need to use mod_perl, you probably know it, and can install it for


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