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Bug#424640: debian-installer: installer cannot regonize harddrive

On Friday 18 May 2007 12:45, Viktor Matys wrote:
> I used DVD iso builded by jigdo. The last two isos (may 14 and 10)
> don't work, but previous (april 30) worked well.
> I tested the last iso (jigdo may 14) also on another computer based on
> VIA, and result was the same - Cannot recognize hard drive. I did lsmod
> immediatelly after booting (when insatller asks for language selection)
> and the correct module for harddisk appears on list...

Thank you for your persistence. We have now traced where this issue comes 
from. Some components from unstable accidentally ended up in testing and 
this breaks one utility that is used to list the disks present in a 

As I've said before, your disks _are_ being detected by the kernel. But 
because of the error in this utility the installer does not _see_ them.

We are working to correct this. Hopefully next weeks images will be OK 
again. Please check http://wiki.debian.org/DebianInstaller/Today to see 
if that is the case.


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