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Bug#424640: net-retriever: Should always use udebs from release corresponding to build

reassign 424640 net-retriever
retitle 424640 Should always use udebs from release corresponding to build
severity 424640 important

On Thursday 17 May 2007 20:55, Frans Pop wrote:
> I suspect that you are us an Etch netboot or floppy image to boot and
> that you are trying to install testing. Can you confirm that? If not,
> exactly what image are you using and what choices did you make during
> the installation?
> I'm afraid that we've just discovered that that is not supported,
> probably because of incompatibility between the libc in stable and in
> testing.

All CD based installation methods already ensure that udebs match the 
release the installer was built with, simply because that is how they are 
included on the CD. Daily/weekly builds also ensure that as udebs are 
always retrieved from unstable.

However, for installation methods in official releases that use 
net-retriever, it is possible to "mix" udebs from etch (in the initrd) 
with udebs from testing or unstable (downloaded by net-retriever).

This may break installations for several reasons:
- library incompatibilities (as I suspect is the case here)
- missing kernel udebs (soon there will no longer be 2.6.18-4 kernel
  udebs available in unstable)

The solution seems simple: ensure in the build system that udebs will 
always be downloaded using the same _codename_ (not suite) as was used to 
build the initrd. Using the codename ensures there will be no problems at 
the time of a stable release.
It then seems logical to rename mirror/udeb/suite to mirror/udeb/codename. 
It should still be possible to overrule this using preseeding or from the 
boot prompt.

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