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Re: debootstrap says Packages was corrupt

Steve McIntyre wrote:
> Hmmm. These look *very* similar to issues I've seen in the last few
> months while hacking on debian-cd:
>  * shortcomings in busybox gunzip (#402482)

thanks ;)

i suspected 'corrupted' indices (or, indicies not the way d-i wants
them) rather than corrputed busybox, because i know that debian-cd does
not use apt-ftparchive anymore. however, it's broken busybox then.

according to the bugreport you referenced, this seems to be a know issue
for month. how likely is it that this can be fixed with etch point
release? if not busybox can be fixed, can d-i be changed to not insist
on Packages.gz if a Packages is available?

unrelated to that, it's an extremely weird bug if the /original/ indices
are accepted, but any changed ones not.

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