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Re: questions regarding debian gui installer cutomization.

> as far as updates download is concerned i have came to one solution i am 
> downloading packages on one PC and then using apt-move created http/ ftp 
> repo for updation for internal usage. is there any other option
> also i have to manually add the http and ftp details to each pc, is any 
> workaround possible.

You probably want to read the part, in the installation manual, that
deals with preseeding. Yan can preseed all various values and answers
of the questions asked during the installation process and you can
also run commands at various steps of the installation process. Some
of these commands could configure the apt sources.list to make it suit
your needs.

> now comes the big part,
> they want a lot of changes in GUI,
> well when i looked at the steps they are a lot exploded, i mean to say 
> like initially we have to choose a language and then based on language 
> we can workout the country,
> what i was thinking of was that is it possible to implement combo box / 
> drop down menu style function so that they get a list of languages in a 
> combo box and as soon as they select the language they get the next 
> combo box custom filled as per their language preference

Well, what you describe here is exactly the behaviour of the
installer. The list of countries depends on the chosen language. The
only shown countries are those for which a locale exists in the given
language which most often means that these are the countries where the
language is most spoken, or official.

From your name (please accept my apologies in advance if I'm
mistaken), I assume that you might be interested in languages from
India. For all of these, the only locale only covers India (for
instance, Hindi, Tamil, etc.). And that case, the whole country list
is shown, on the assumption that we can't really figure out what
country (apart from India of course) you may want to choose.

If you test with Bengali, you'll see another behaviour where users are
presented first with India and Bangladesh, which seems pretty
logical. Of course, one can still pick "Other" and then choose any
world country.

The same goes for English, for instance....

Anyway, if you want to change the behaviour here, the installer
package to modify (or replace) is localechooser.

You might also want to join the debian-in-workers mailing list (see
lists.alioth.debian.org) where are most contributors of Debian in

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