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Re: questions regarding debian gui installer cutomization.

Ter, 2007-05-15 às 20:13 +0530, Anant Shrivastava escreveu:
> hello everyone,
> i am anant shrivastava, a new member of this list,
> my company was working on developing an internal distro derived from RH 
> earlier, but with the release of Debian 4.0 i am able to convince the 
> administration on using Debian.
> now we are facing with few problems,
> 1) they want some changes in the installation process
> 2) regarding downloads of updates
> as far as updates download is concerned i have came to one solution i am 
> downloading packages on one PC and then using apt-move created http/ ftp 
> repo for updation for internal usage. is there any other option
> also i have to manually add the http and ftp details to each pc, is any 
> workaround possible.

you can use apt-proxy. see p.d.o/apt-proxy
> now comes the big part,
> they want a lot of changes in GUI,
> well when i looked at the steps they are a lot exploded, i mean to say 
> like initially we have to choose a language and then based on language 
> we can workout the country,
> what i was thinking of was that is it possible to implement combo box / 
> drop down menu style function so that they get a list of languages in a 
> combo box and as soon as they select the language they get the next 
> combo box custom filled as per their language preference
> if  any one can help me in this matter, i am very thankful in advance.
> also please give details considering that i am just 3months old for Debian.
> yours
> anant

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