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Re: Questions about normal process of debian-installer

On Monday 07 May 2007 23:45, Chris Ross wrote:
> My company is  
> working on bundling an internal distribution based on Ubuntu 6.06.1,  
> which as you likely know uses debian-installer, and many other pieces  
> of debian directly.  The question I have right now is a debian-
> installer question.

That is still not really relevant. If you use Ubuntu, you should primarily 
ask for help on Ubuntu forums and not on Debian lists. If the cannot help 
you, you can then of course try "upstream".

>    Is there any support in debian-installer for displaying a README
> or similar sort of thing during (perhaps near the end of) the
> installation?  Is the "your installation is complete" message
> somewhere in a configuration file that can be easily modified, or is
> it coded into the udeb that is the installer itself?

See the scripts in /usr/lib/finish.d. You can drop in your own script.

You may also want to read:


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