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Bug#421692: No NVIDIA graphic card is fully supported

reassign 421692 nvidia-settings
retitle 421692 No NVIDIA graphic card is fully supported
reopen 421692
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Op 11-05-2007 om 16:02 schreef kaba13:
> On Fri, 2007-05-11 at 18:34 +0200, Geert Stappers wrote:
> > You are free to pursue the answers. You are also free to ignore an advice
> > for not buying hardware that has no free software support.
> > 
> > After all, it is all about Freedom.
> > 
> And it has been quite a pursuit! The Open GL card, still in the works
> I'm told, will be quite expensive. Price somewhere around 600euro but
> will be used, if available because I need the use of supporting GPUs.
> Besides, I could write it off along with a new system! 
> This card was the only upgrade available for my system, (only a P4)
> which was windows centric at the time. Thankfully, it shouldn't be a
> problem since others have experienced their problems with it and were
> able to correct the setup. We shall see!
> I can work Blender under windows but I don't want that. I want entirely
> Linux based productivity and systems. By the way Debian builds Nvidia
> drivers through the module assistant and that is my preference if, we
> can get it to work. I'm told we can and I'll let you know.

Hello Steve,

The above BTS reassign action is to bring you in contact with
other people in Debian who work on Nvidia stuff. ( Hi Randall!  :-)
Where Christian Perrier suggested to open new bug about the X window
system issue, is he right. My reason for continueing on this bugreport,
is because it has history about your enthousiasm.

Go further with the pursuit. I see that you enjoy it!

Geert Stappers

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