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Bug#421692: No NVIDIA graphics are fully supported

Op 01-05-2007 om 20:41 schreef kaba13:
> Thanks for your response Geert. No NVIDIA graphics are fully supported
> under debian. They are very accomodating and realize the real world
> operational requirements and situations that competition with MS
> creates. I might add they are being met more rapidly than ever before
> and I think the shock is just begining to have effects far beyond mild
> annoyance. No, I simply have something not configured right at my end
> and will have to pursue the answers. After all, X is working now and
> that has to be 50% of the battle right?


You are free to pursue the answers. You are also free to ignore an advice
for not buying hardware that has no free software support.

After all, it is all about Freedom.

Geert Stappers

[1]: A visit at http://www.nvidia.com/object/unix.html and clicking
deeper, learnt me that Nvidia still only ships binary drivers :-(

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