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Bug#421692: Install report ETCH

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   The message is as harsh as reality.
Op 30-04-2007 om 21:43 schreef kaba13:
> Comments/Problems:
>  The initial install refused to active X.   After checking the net
> without result I re-installed having the same result without X
> Remembering having read about dpkg-reconfigure I did so and this time
> declined the offer to include a software frame buffer as well as the
> hardware for my Nvidia card.   The install completed and I now have a
> functional system, with 2.6.18-486 kernel built with module assistant.
> I do not however have a functional version (APT) of BLENDER (2.4.a) I
> think? I just have a bouncing icon which disappears after several
> seconds without starting the program.

Too late.
You allready did buy a videocard that isn't supported
by free[1] software.

Save your friends from futher harm,
tell them to buy hardware that is support by free[1] software.

> Everything else is great!
Yes, freedom in software rules!

Geert Stappers

[1] free as in freedom of speech.

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