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Re: lenny d-i confused about disk detection

On Wed, May 09, 2007 at 09:39:04PM +0200, Frans Pop wrote:
> On Wednesday 09 May 2007 20:40, John Morrissey wrote:
> > The local disks are detected without a problem; the /dev/sd* symlink is
> > set correctly, and I can fdisk(8) the drives with no problem. However,
> > the install displays disk-detect/module_select:
> >
> > No disk drive was detected. If you know the name of the driver needed
> > by your disk drive, you can select it from the list.
> > Driver needed for your disk drive:
> It looks like the utility 'parted_devices' is not returning any output.
> What do you get if you run that command on VT2 after the first time the 
> disk detection phase is executed?

~ # parted_devices
Floating point exception
~ #

> What is the output of 'find /dev/discs/'
> What is the output of 'fdisk -l'?

I don't have an easy way to copy this output right now (network-console
seems unusable outside of the daily builds due to #288053 AFAICT?), but
/dev/discs contains two disks: one for the RAID array (with all its
partitions), and one for the CD-ROM (no disc, so no partitions).

fdisk -l displays the RAID SCSI device and all of its partitions.

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