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communication over the bugtracking system

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 from Bug#421337

> > Thank you for your brilliant observations!! Let me clarify what YOU do 
> > not seem to understand:
> > 1) The fact that the desktop GUI is chosen by the development team and 
> > NOT the installer DURING the installation process IS a bug. Bug, as in 
> > programming or scripting ERROR.
> No, it is a design decision.  That you don't *like* it does not make it a
> bug.
> > 2) The installer/user can NOT read the fucking installation guide when 
> > you do NOT yet have an operating system.
> > 3) If the installer uses the example in the initial help page (F4) 
> > logically: tasks="dns-server, file-server, kde-desktop, standard"    The 
> > installer gets a KDE GUI with Gnome components and NO server services. 
> > This too seems to be a bug, however, I can workaround it.
> > Fortunately for me, your colleagues are more tolerant of converts to the 
> > Debian way of thinking.
> I don't know where you got the idea that his colleagues are tolerant of
> people being assholes in bug reports, but you are mistaken.  If you can't be
> civil to the maintainers who respond to the bug reports you've filed,
> I'll be happy to ask the BTS admins to block your access.

I love to see various other ways that say
to the reporter that his reasonable request won't be granted.

I mean that exploring the possibilities between ignoring and blocking
will be fun.

Have fun
Geert Stappers
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