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Bug#421337: Carefull!! desktop installation.

Thank you for your brilliant observations!! Let me clarify what YOU do not seem to understand:

1) The fact that the desktop GUI is chosen by the development team and NOT the installer DURING the installation process IS a bug. Bug, as in programming or scripting ERROR.

2) The installer/user can NOT read the fucking installation guide when you do NOT yet have an operating system.

3) If the installer uses the example in the initial help page (F4) logically: tasks="dns-server, file-server, kde-desktop, standard" The installer gets a KDE GUI with Gnome components and NO server services. This too seems to be a bug, however, I can workaround it.

Fortunately for me, your colleagues are more tolerant of converts to the Debian way of thinking.

Have a nice day,
Robert Mitchell

Frans Pop wrote:
On Saturday 28 April 2007 20:30, Geert Stappers wrote:
 My problem with the installation of etch (v. 4.0.0) is that it
automatically installs Gnome as the default desktop GUI. I have
installed etch twice, the second time, carefully noting choices. The
installer program/script NEVER asks the user which of the 4 popular
desktops (or GUI) is wanted; Gnome, KDE, Xfce or IceWM.

Correct and that is a choice that was made. If you'd taken the trouble to read the installation guide, or even the Etch release notes, before you started the installation, you'd have seen that Gnome is the default desktop environment and how others can be installed.

Closing this report as things worked as intended.


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